How to Become a Male Stripper

Fotolia_4850910_XSMale strippers make their living embodying the fantasies of other people. If you can adapt to the lifestyle, you can make quite a bit of money at it. However, successful stripping demands effort, skill and a little luck.

Evaluate your confidence and comfort levels. The first thing you want to consider is how comfortable you are going to be working mostly-naked in large crowds or around rowdy, drunk people. If the thought makes you cringe, you might want to consider another career.

Work out. Strippers help people visualize their fantasies, and most people fantasize about someone fit and toned. Work to enhance your natural body type – if you are naturally lean and athletic, do low-intensity exercises and high reps to improve your physique without getting bulky. If you’re more stocky, focus on building muscle. In either case increase the width of your shoulders and depth of your chest while slimming your waist. Remember to eat accordingly; cut your fat, sugars, and salt, but make sure you’re eating enough healthy calories to build muscle. Having a fit body will help you feel confident stripping.

Assemble a costume. Tear-away clothing is a popular option for male strippers. A tailor or seamstress can help you add snaps to clothing. Make or buy flashy and enticing underwear.

Choose your music. Devise routines to different tempos–fast, medium, and slow. Most strippers favor songs with strong bass or drum lines. Burn a CD of 3 or 4 songs for a routine and make several copies of the disc. If you work a private event, you’ll leave your disc behind when you depart.

Practice your dancing. Work on your routine 3 times a day. Focus on making your movements look languid and effortless, and on keeping your facial expression oriented to the experience of your audience. Some male strippers also dance on poles; you can expand your skills by having one installed in your house.

Choose your stage name. Your stage name should be shorthand for your stripper persona and communicate what sort of experience people can expect from you. Pick something alluring and exciting.

Get a headshot. Take a black and white photo of yourself and start emailing or posting it to agencies. Be aware that some agencies will try to charge you to put your photo up and call it a fee.

Join a reputable agency – Choosing the right Male Stripper agency to represent you is vital in your quest for success. There are many good reputable ones out there, but there are also some very bad ones out there that are looking to make a quick buck and not care for it’s Performers or Customers. When joining an agency make sure they are a registered Ltd or PLC Company and have full public liability Insurance. Public Liability Insurance can only be obtained by a registered Ltd or PLC Company, there are many agencies out there who are a one man band running their business from their bedroom so to be safe ask the agency you are thinking of joining for their Company Registration Number, their VAT Number and also a copy of their Public Liability Insurance, this way you will be 100% safe and know that you have joined a reputable agency.